About Country Doctor Veterinary Clinic


The Country Doctor Veterinary Clinic LLC was established in 1978 by Dr. Charles A. Curie, a native of Jefferson, Ohio. Originally the practice was known as the Ashtabula County Veterinary Service.

In 1983 a clinic was constructed at its present site of 24 S. Cucumber St, in Jefferson, Ohio. The business was renamed "The Country Doctor Veterinary Clinic". Dr. Curie believed the name represented all he believed in. Honesty, integrity, and compassion. Over the years the practice began transforming from a large animal only, to a mixed animal. Then in 1998 became a companion animal clinic exclusively.

Today the focus of the "Country Doctor" is to celebrate the bond between people and pets. The health care team strives to enhance the quality and quantity of life for both through excellence in family pet health care and client service.

The "Country Doctor" is proud to be a general family practice for your pets. Your "Other Family Doctor". The emphasis is on preventive medicine to keep your family and pets healthy. Primary care is, of course, an integral part of this mission.

The doctors pledge to freely and openly refer your pet to an appropriate specialist when the case requires care beyond the scope of the family practice.