Types of Emergencies: When to Bring your Pet In

To help you understand what constitutes a serious scenario, here’s what you need to know about when to bring your pet to see your emergency veterinarian.

Pet Heat Safety

To help you be as prepared as possible, here is what you need to know about pet heat safety.

Fireworks and Noise Safety for Pets

It doesn’t matter how well adjusted you think your pet is, animals and fireworks are not a good combination. Studies suggest that as many as half of pets exhibit very visible symptoms of fear when it comes to fireworks – with nearly all of their anxiety related to the sounds rather than the sights of fireworks. It is important to remember that your pet’s hearing is far superior to your own, so what sounds like a loud bang to you can sound far, far louder and more frightening to an animal that doesn’t anticipate the sound or realizes that it won’t actually hurt them. However, even if your pet doesn’t appear to be particularly afraid of them, it is important to take steps to keep him safe and happy during times when fireworks are likely.

Pet Allergies and Dermatology – Pet Health and Care

Believe it or not, pets can get allergies too. When it comes to your pet’s skin health, pet allergies and dermatology go hand in hand. All kinds of environmental stressors can cause skin irritation and infection. Pollen, dust, and dander allergies can cause your pet to experience the same kinds of similar health issues as a person can. Even so, food allergies and parasites can cause similar dermatological issues as well. In order for your veterinarian to determine the cause of your pet’s adverse reactions, it is important to test for all possible causes.

How to Treat a Dog that is Vomiting - Pet Care 101

One of the most common issues that arise in veterinary medicine is dealing with a vomiting pet. Like people, dogs can range in stomach sensitivity and can encounter bouts of vomiting for a variety of reasons – some passing without notice, others cause for serious concern. When it comes to how to treat a dog that is vomiting, it’s important to know the reasons behind why a dog might upchuck to begin with. Let’s take a closer look.