How To Treat Hairballs in Cats

Hairballs are a virtually unavoidable part of being a cat. They are also an unavoidable part of being a cat-owner since you are the one that will have to clean up when your cat unceremoniously dumps them at random locations in your property!

Pool Safety For Dogs

A pool can be a great addition to any home. A pool is somewhere to cool off when the mercury rises, an entertainment space to enjoy with family and friends and a source of fun for people of every age.

What are the best treats for a puppy?

If you are the proud parent to a precious new puppy, you are probably feeding him a fairly strict schedule of food that is specially formulated to help him grow. However, it is natural to want to spoil the pets that we love so much, and treats tend to form a small but significant part of our dog’s daily calorie intake.

What To Do If Your Pet Is Missing

Many of us think of our pets as being our own children – albeit slightly scalier, furrier or more feathered! Since we have so much love and compassion for our creatures, it can be heart-breaking and devastating if our beloved animal goes missing. While most of us take every precaution possible, research by the American Humane Society shows that one in three pets becomes lost or stolen during their lifetime.