In Loving Memory

Baby Speck 12/29/04-8/3/13

Baby, you will always be my little princess. When I first saw you, you were so tiny and so cute that I fell so much in love with you. I will always remember how you loved to go for rides in the car and how you loved playing with your favorite toy, your stuffed squeaky carrot. These are just a few of the memories that I have of you. I wish that I would had many more years with you.

You will always be loved and be in my heart, I miss you my precious girl,

"MEIKA" 4/30/2006 - 2/19/2013

Born with mega esophagus, did not slow this dog down. She was full of energy and had to be the center of attention. A simple little house hold project ended up being a 1/2 hr to an hr project because she loved taking any hand held object and running with it. It's amazing how dusting and weeding keeps her so much in my heart. My little wild maniac will always be remembered.

Luv, Karen Bruckman

"MERCEDES" 11/112000 - 05/042013

She was the most loving and loyal friend. She loved to ride in and on any thing. Her favorite activity was playing fetch; balls, rocks, frisbees and what ever was close by when I arrived home. Even when her legs didnt want to follow, she never gave up. She will forever be in my heart.

Luv, Karen Bruckman

This is in memory of my beloved "Tates Prince" whom we lost to cancer on July 29, 2011.

He was only 20 years old and Doctor Curie took care of him for many years until he didn't do horses anymore because of injury.
"Prince" was almost human, and understood everything you said to him, (not exactly in horse language either). He loved giving kisses right on the mouth of course. He could dance, say yes and no by shaking his head, do the boogie woogie to country music too. He would do anything I asked him to do even if I just moved my finger to tell him to come here. He was the most amazing animal and the star of the barn. People couldn't believe what they were seeing when he did his tricks for them. He was rescued by me, from auction for dog food, because the previous owner couldn't make a trotter out of him. Basically he wouldn't listen to anything because he was abused and treated with very, very cruel tactics. I was told by people at the fairgrounds that he would kill me he was so uncontrolablle. Well "Prince" and I proved them all wrong, just very simply with LOVE.

He will always be LOVED and NEVER BE FORGOTTEN in our hearts.

Mary Ann Coffield

Little Bud December 27, 2008

We loved our "Little Bud" dearly. He was the sweetest little guy and so well mannered and behaved. He was like a child to us.
He is dearly missed and will always be. Mary Ann
Patches Loftus August 8, 2008

My Patches passed 8/08. He was such a laid back therapy dog.

Petie Pal

Petie was the most amazing dog ever. Petie and my husband had an amazing bond. We talk about Petie all the time and miss him tons.

RIP Petie Boy