Project Home Sweet Home

helping a stray dog

We are so excited to announce the development of our very own Angel Fund Project. It is called Home*Sweet*Home. The name of our project is what it says. The old saying “Love makes a house a Home”. The love we have for animals is what will bring us all together to do something great. We hope these pooches feel all of the love we put together to make their house a Home! Our goal is to provide new, durable and cozy homes for the outside dogs of Ashtabula County. How many times have you been going down the road and noticed a dog using an old, damaged beyond repair dog house, wishing you could do something to help? Now is the opportunity for us to make that difference.

We want to dedicate all of the proceeds of our next couple Angel Fund Toe Nail Trim Clinics to this particular need in our area. As many of you know, Ohio winters can be brutal! It is known to sneak up on us and catch a lot of the residence off guard and many are completely unprepared. Many owners feel they are doing a great job providing a good life and adequate shelter for their fur friends that live outdoors. In most cases, this is true, which is why we apologize for any actions that may offend a pet owner in the communication process. Our intentions are 100% humble and kind, nothing more.

If you know someone that could benefit from this act of love and kindness we want to provide before winter arrives, please contact the clinic. We ask that you have at least a name or address or telephone number of the owner with the pet(s) in need so we can reach out to them personally. We would love for the community to get involved!! If you can contribute to this awesome cause, please reach out to us! Contribution examples can be as simple as an idea, donation of materials/houses, signing up your pet for our Toe Nail Trim Clinics, money donations and spreading the word. So please, please spread the word. We appreciate any and all help to make this possible. Donations can be dropped off at all 4 of the Country Doctor Clinics during business hours. If you have a pet that could use a toenail trim, feel free to call the clinic and set that appointment up now. Upcoming Toe Nail Trim Clinic days: October 5th, 2019 AND October 26th, 2019 *We want to help as many in need as possible; unfortunately our funds are limited which means our supply is limited as well. We will try our hardest to provide for as many as we can.

Phone (440) 576-9440

Location of Toe Nail Trim Clinics - 24 South Cucumber St. Jefferson, OH 44047