Bad Breath in Pets

If you are an experienced pet owner, you are probably already aware that your furbaby may not have the freshest breath. In fact, some animals are quite well known for having an unpleasant odor emanating from their mouth. While often the smell is only temporary and usually eliminated with a quick brush of your pet’s teeth, sometimes the cause of your pet’s bad breath is something a little more sinister.

Types Of Heartworm Preventives

Our animals are unable to protect themselves from the many different illnesses, diseases and parasitic infections that threaten their health. However, thanks to innovations in veterinary medicine it is now possible to prevent more of them from affecting our pets than ever before.

How To Treat Hairballs in Cats

Hairballs are a virtually unavoidable part of being a cat. They are also an unavoidable part of being a cat-owner since you are the one that will have to clean up when your cat unceremoniously dumps them at random locations in your property!

What are the best treats for a puppy?

If you are the proud parent to a precious new puppy, you are probably feeding him a fairly strict schedule of food that is specially formulated to help him grow. However, it is natural to want to spoil the pets that we love so much, and treats tend to form a small but significant part of our dog’s daily calorie intake.

Ticks and Fleas Prevention

Parasite prevention are two words that should be on the tongue of every responsible pet owner. Nevertheless, many inexperienced pet parents don’t fully realize the repercussions that a parasite problem could have for the health of their beloved furbaby, and even the humans living in their home. Cats, dogs and even ferrets are all at risk, so don’t let your pet remain unprotected. Here is what you need to know about tick and flea prevention.