Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments for Ear Mites

When it comes to being a pet parent, dealing with parasites and pests is par for the course. Some pet owners may never experience an issue with parasites, while others deal with yearly bouts of one thing or another. Ear mites are a common example of a parasite that can cause problems for pets. Dealing with them takes a bit of patience and regular attention. Let’s have a look at the symptoms, causes, and treatments for ear mites in your pet.

9 Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Needs Pet Dental Care

As your pet ages, there is an increased chance of all kinds of dental issues. Making sure to have your pet’s dental health assessed can prevent undue stress, pain, and even death. Four out of five dogs over the age of three have some kind of periodontal disease. This is an avoidable statistic for your pet if you consider pet dental care as part of your overall animal health routine. Let’s have a look at ten reasons your cat or dog needs pet dental care.

Ticks and Fleas Prevention

Parasite prevention are two words that should be on the tongue of every responsible pet owner. Nevertheless, many inexperienced pet parents don’t fully realize the repercussions that a parasite problem could have for the health of their beloved furbaby, and even the humans living in their home. Cats, dogs and even ferrets are all at risk, so don’t let your pet remain unprotected. Here is what you need to know about tick and flea prevention.

Litter Training Your Cat

If your cat is an outdoor kitty then chances are she will probably do her business outside at least some of the time. However, you still need to provide your cat with an indoor bathroom so that she can empty her bladder and bowels in privacy too. Litter training your cat may sound complicated, but their natural desire to be clean means that most felines adopt using the box fairly quickly – enabling your home to remain clean and harmonious for everyone living there!

Importance of Pet Oral Exams

Choosing to become a pet parent means taking on a lot of responsibilities. There are many different aspects of a pet’s care, from feeding them a healthy and nutritious diet to ensuring that they get adequate protection from fleas and other parasites.